Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Sat at the craft table this morning and just couldn't seem to come up with anything, which was so annoying as I had the house to myself and I had actually made the bed and put the dishes in the dishwasher.  I knew I wouldn't be going out as the rain was bouncing outside. So................I decided to go into the kitchen and decide what to make for dinner.  Went into the cupboard and found a tub of curry sauce (this stuff is fantastic and I get it online) So Curry was the order of the day.  I was just about to throw the empty tub in the bin when a little voice in my head said 'Recycle'.  Now I will admit I am not the greenest person on the planet but I do try my best.  So said tub went in the sink and I filled it with bleach to take away the curry smell and the curry colour.
Once the curry was happily simmering on the cooker I decided to make a tub for some of my craft tools.  As recycling was the mission of the day I used up my scraps and things that I have just never got around to using.  So here is my new 'tool tub'
Bye for now
Carolynne xx

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  1. Brilliant re-use, love it, so colourful! Hope the curry is as satisfying:D xx