Sunday, September 19, 2010

My minimilistic period

My cards always seem to be embellished to the limit but I decided that my Daughter-in-law's birthday card (from My Mum to her) would be a bit more minimilistic.  I picked 2 simple flower stamps (not sure where from), a nesties circle, black and white card, red ribbon and some red bling.
Not my usual style....but I quite like it.
Now I better go and make one for myself to give her, however my 4 year old grandson has popped in to visit while Mummy and Daddy go and look at tiles in B & Q so I may have to do this larter on.

Bye for now


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  1. Hi Carolyn thanks for dropping by my blog, you always leave the nicest comments:)
    I think your minimalistic card works beautifully and I'm sure your Daughter In Law will love it, it is lovely, hope you get time to make yours for her :0) xx