Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last minute rush as usual

Not been around much over the last few days as I've not been too well, however it is my Daughter-in-law's birthday tomorrow and younger son (her husband) needed a card, older son wanted one as well, then my 4 year old grandson needed one for his Mum and, yes, I needed to make one to give her myself.
Now, I know I have had plenty time to make them.....but as usual...... when it is for gets left till the last minute.
So, between yesterday and today I have managed to do them.  Most of what I have used is from my stash and from CDs,

Got a chance to use my other new 'nesties' on the card above
Would you believe that my Daughter-in-law's favourite colour is Pink (You would never have guessed, would you?)
She went with my son today for her 20 week scan, and they are having another boy.  If he turns out half as good as his big brother then we are in for an easy time. 

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