Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last minute request

Why is it, when you are in a hurry to make a card, you can never find anything appropriate even though you have enough stash to open a shop!!
Daughter in law calls me on Thursday night to ask me to babysit on Friday night as they were going out.  She then said that she would be over earlyish to pick Owen (my gorgeous 4 year old grandson)  up on the Saturday as he was going to a birthday party for her friends little girl.  No problem I said, as she then asked if I would make the birthday card.
I am off work at the moment due to ill health so I thought that I had all Friday to make the card so I wouldn't have to rush.  So Friday afternoon I decided to start and began looking through my stash for something to use for the 1st birthday card.  Could I find anything..... could I heck.
Now I am not really a digital crafter, even though I know computers inside out, but I really don't particularly enjoy the cutting out.  I have slight dexterity problems so spending too long cutting out small pieces of decoupage is not my favourite pastime.  However I ended up using the seraphina CD.  I duly printed out the pages and began cutting but had to stop to collect Owen from Childminder.
Friday night saw me completing the cutting and making the card, with a 4 year old wanting to help, picking at and poking everything on the table.  
I have put the finished card below for you to see.


  1. Very cute and I love how you've used a dotted paper too for the spelling Emma ! Lovely ! :) X Fab

  2. A very sweet card for a little girl. I especially like the curled wire..craft wire is one of my favourite bits of stash and you've just reminded me I need to get it out more!
    Anice xx (Funky Hand)

  3. oh wow such a gorgeous card. Love the wire I enjoy playing with this too but have not for a while.

    thanks for joining me on my little section of blog land and you took me back to my younger years when I use to live in your neck of the woods

    Hugs Kate xx